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弥生とは 旧暦4月の異称






Uzuki is the season when the white flowers of Utsugi flowers bloom, so the most likely theory is that it is an abbreviation for ``Unohanagetsu.''

There is also a theory that the ``u'' in Uzuki means ``first'' and ``childbirth,'' and that it signified the beginning of the cycle of the year.

There is also a theory that ``Uetsuki'' was changed from the month when rice is planted, but it is close to the etymology of ``Satsuki'', and it is difficult to imagine that another month name would be given because of the similar meaning.

Since the fourth of the zodiac is ``Uzuki'', there is a theory that the zodiac sign was assigned to the month and it became ``Uzuki'', but this is unnatural as there is no example of assigning the zodiac sign to any other month.


Even if the zodiac signs are assigned only in April, the zodiac signs assigned to each month are not in the order starting from January; the Snake is assigned to April in the lunar calendar, and the Rabbit is assigned to February in the lunar calendar. Therefore, when ``Uzuki'' is read as ``Bōgetsu,'' it becomes another name for February in the lunar calendar.

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